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3dom: 3D Solid Object Modeler
« am: 01. Januar 2004, 14:07:13 »


3dom is a 3D Solid Object Modeler, designed to be independant of the renderer back-end.
Highlights include constructive solid modeling, reality-based material representation, a flexible plugin system, scripting through Python bindings and a constraint solving engine.

System requirements:

3dom is written in C++ and should compile on any UNIX (or Linux) platform.
Development is being done on Linux.
A configure-script will detect the availability of the necessary tools and libraries.
Besides the traditional tools (recent C++ compiler (egcs, gcc 2.8
(IRIX CC does well too)), make, bison, flex, shell-utils) following libraries are needed:

- Qt version 2.0 or higher, including the opengl extension!. As far as I know, the OpenGL extension is not available in any binary package-form, but instead must explicitly be compiled seperately. The extensions can be found in the src distribution of Qt.

- Mesa (any version) or another implementation of the OpenGL API.

Download: - Das unabhängige Silicon Graphics User Forum

3dom: 3D Solid Object Modeler
« am: 01. Januar 2004, 14:07:13 »