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Achtung: "Capt David Jones" kauft wieder Autos..



Hello, My name is Capt David Jones I want to buy your car. Please get back
to me with your last price. Very urgent. You can contact me my email
address: **********@****.*** Best regards Capt David Jones


Dear Sir,
let me ask you, where are you from, GB? Do you
have the possibility to take a look at the car bevor you decide to buy? On
witch way the car could get to you? At least, this is the price i'd like
to have for.
Kind Regards
Klaus H. Schenk


Hello Good Day

How are you today?

Thanks for the details and information about your car. History...It seem you are a
sincere person. I want to inform you that I will buy your car. at your given price.€

But I have a business proposal for you. I am a captain with the United Nations troop
in Iraq, on war against terrorism.

Based on the United States legislative and executive decision for withdrawing troops
from Iraq come next year, I have been deployed to come and work in your country's
military base soonest. Our mission is to help beef up terrorist targeted states,
mostly the United States and the European Union on the war against terrorism.

I will need a car. For myself and that is why i contacted you. On the other hand I
want to inform you that I have in my possession the sum of 26.8 million USD. Which I
got from crude oil deal here in Iraq.

I deposited this money with a Red Cross agent informing him that we are making
contact for the real owner of the money. It is under my power to approve whoever
comes forth for this money. I want to invest the money in your country as soon as I
am deployed into your country for a good business, anyway you will advice me on that
since I am not a business person.

I cannot move this money to the United States because I will be in Europe for about
3years, so I need someone I could trust. If you accept,

I will transfer the money to Europe where you will be the beneficiary because I am a
uniformed person and I cannot be parading such an amount so I need to present
someone as the beneficiary.

I am an American and an intelligence officer for that so I have a 100% authentic
means of transferring the money through diplomatic courier service .I just need your
acceptance and all is done. Please if you are interested in this transaction I will
give to you the complete details you need for us to carry out this transaction
successfully. I decided to find someone that is real and not imaginary and that is
why I went to a car. Site where I can be sure that the person is real.

I believe I can trust you. Where we are now we can only communicate through our
military communication facilities which are secured so nobody can monitor our
emails, then I can explain in details to you. I will only reach you through email,
because our calls might be monitored, I just have to be sure whom I am dealing with

If you are interested please send me your personal mobile number so I can call you
for further enquiries when I am out of our military network. I am writing from a
fresh email account so if you are not interested do not reply to this email and
please delete this message, if no response after 3days I will then search for
someone else.

I wait your contact details so we can go on. In less than 5days the money should
have been noted on your account and I will come over for my money. I will give you
30% of the money. And 70% is for me. I hope I am been fair on this deal. Get back to
me with your full information

1. Your Full name..........
2. Your state of residence and origin in your country
3. A copy of your international passport /driver's license
4. Your direct telephone number


Capt David Jones



Should I send you some of my
taliban friends? NEVER write me again! So have a nice day. And, if you
need a car, take your f*****g money and buy some Hummer, for those there's
no frontier!


BTW: Das Auto ist noch zu haben:,-v8-rechtslenker-automatik/7116567  :D

Ich wäre schon (bzw. war es hier auch) nach folgendem Satz mit dem Lesen fertig:

--- Zitat ---I am a captain with the United Nations troop
in Iraq, on war against terrorism.
--- Ende Zitat ---

Im Irak kämpfen keine Blauhelme. Und ganz besonders nicht im Krieg gegen Terrorismus.

Ich hab hier ja schon genug mit diesen elenden Gebrauchtwagenaufkäufern zu tun, die diese tollen Kalender ans Auto klemmen und so ganze Stadtviertel zupflastern.
Erst vorgestern hat es mich am selben Vormittag gleich zwei mal erwischt.
Immerhin bin ich noch so wohlerzogen, das ich das Kärtchen nicht auf den Boden werfe sondern in meine Tasche stecke zur späteren Beseitigung.

Dabei überkam mich der Gedanke, wie praktisch es doch wäre, würde man die Autohändler zwingen ihre Werbebotschaften auf Esspapier zu drucken.
Das könnte man dann als kleinen Snack für den nächsten Stau vor einer Autobahnbaustelle im Handschuhfach sammeln.
Oder Kinder und Obdachlose sammeln die kleinen Kärtchen nach einer Weile wieder ein um sie zu essen und wenn es gar keinen Interessiert, spült der nächste starke Regen die aufgeweichten Reste in die Kanalisation wo sie sich rückstandslos auflösen könnten.

Das ist wohl auch der passende Ort für Capt. David Jones.  ;)


--- Zitat von: Christoph am 21. Mai 2010, 14:02:01 ---der passende Ort für Capt. David Jones
--- Ende Zitat ---

Das traurige ist ja, daß wirklich Leute Geld bezahlen und erst bei der dritten Forderung über 55.000 EURO für ein "Drogenfrei- und Terrorismusfrei-Zertifikat" stutzig werden, bis dahin sind sie dann aber schon 7.000 EURO (siebentausend!) für "Zoll" und "Diplomatenzertifikat" losgeworden  ::)

Vor Gericht aussagen ist dann entsprechend peinlich - mit Recht!

Ich trage sogar Leuten ihre Portokasse hinterher, wenn sie sie irgendwo liegenlassen! Manchmal ärgere ich mich noch etwas, daß mir wirklich nachgewiesenermaßen das Dreistigkeits-Gen fehlt (ist das siebente von links). Zertifikat und Quittung für die Kosten der Analyse hab ich noch.

Muha! ER antwortet:

How are you and your family?
Thanks for your
email and your assurance to do this deal with me. Honestly, I am very
happy to do this business with a trust and honest person like you. And
yes I will buy your car in which you will personally deduct the prize
money when you receive the box and then prepare the particulars of the
car on my car because I will use the car when I will come to your
country to meet with you.
However I inform you that the money
has been packaged already in a consignment box and i have already
deposited the consignment with a Red Cross however, our Red Cross
officer will hand over the consignment box to the diplomat in Turkey i
have concluded and both the Red Cross officers and the diplomat do not
know the contents of the consignment box because I have just registered
the consignment as personal belonging I will give them your name as the
rightful owner and I will told them that it’s your personal effects.
Note that I am the only one that has the key numbers to open the box,
which I will give to you only when you have the box.
I got a
contact of a diplomat in Turkey who can handle the delivery from Turkey
to Your country. I am a married man with two kids and I love my family
too much, so I can not involve myself with anything that will put my
family into trouble.

Please be rest assured that everything is
100% ok, and I have conclude arrangement with a Diplomat In Turkey who
will help me receive the box and bring it to your Address or which ever
place you will prefer in Europe.
I have attach my passport
photo and that of my family, to prove to you that everything I have
told you is real, and if there will be any problem of any kind, I will
not use my family picture to do it. Please make sure you open the
attachments and do not show it to anybody.
You will be ready to
fly down to Turkey to pick up the consignment box from the diplomat or
rather the diplomat will fly down to your country to deliver the box to
your address in your country. I have discussed that with the diplomat
in Turkey and he is ready to carry out the delivery to you as you wish.
Therefore you are to contact him directly to discuss with him on how he
will handover the consignment to you. I will get back to you again with
his full contact information where you can contact him directly.
we agreed, you are entitled to take away only 30% of the total fund and
from my share of 70%, you are to take the selling prize of your car as
agreed and refund yourself the expenses you may incur during the
process of delivery by the diplomat. So you have absolutely nothing to
lose in this transaction, rather to gain. Please do not take this deal
as a joke or for granted, I cannot deceive at my Age because I have my
family that I care for and my future intention to go for Senate. So we
need this money so that we can better their lives and family. Only God
sees and knows my intention toward this transaction and he will reward
accordingly if I even deceive you.
Please I want to do this deal with you only, Therefore you MUST keep it to yourself.
Here is the description of the box,
Description of the box
Weight 102 kg
Length: 104cm
Height: 75cm
Breathe: 104cm
Color: Black
will give you the code number to open the box as soon as you receive it
from the Diplomat. I will also seal the box with your full Name and
Address for dispatch tomorrow immediately, as soon as I hear from you.
I am waiting for your full name and address so that I can seal the box
and dispatch it immediately.
1. Your Full name..........
2. Your state of residence and origin in your country
3. A copy of your international passport /driver's license
4. Your direct telephone number


Capt David Jones


Mister Jones!

Here are your requested informations:

1. I know where your house lives.
2. I know when your love dies.
3. I know whats going wrong in your life.
4. I know HOW TO FIND
YOU, my friends keep there eyes open!

Do not respond to this eMail unless you like to have a bill about US$3.000 for every written row.


BTW: Mein Auto ist immer noch zu haben:,-v8-rechtslenker-automatik/7116567   :D


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